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Here are a few things you will need to know, when shipping your vehicle by transport carrier.

Here are some of the frequently asked questions (FAQ):

How far in advance should I schedule my move?

Your vehicle will be scheduled on a nationally routed transport carrier. If you are transporting your car on a specific date, book your transport date in advance. There is a space on your Shipping Order for you to note the first date that the vehicle is avaliable for pick-up. We work with this date, using a 7 day period in which we pick-up the vehicle. If you are leaving the area, you must plan enough time for us to pick-up the vehicle before you go. If, for some reason, this cannot be done, you must have an alternative party (friend, relative, etc.) who will be able to deliver and sign the vehicle on to the truck for you.

Where will my car be picked up and delivered?

Due to the fact that most of the trucks are 75 feet in length, it is imposible for then to get into most residential areas. Low hanging wires, narrow streets and municipal ordinances are just few of the obstacles we face. Therefore, we ask that you work with the truck driver in arranging a mutually acceptable place for you to meet to load and unload your vehicle. We have found that neighbourhood shopping centers generally have large enough parking lots to accommodate the trucks. If, for any reason, you don't want to meet the driver at the best loading place, you can choose to transport your vehicle to load or unload area with the local towing company. However, you will be responsible for the cost of this service.

Is my car insured?

Your vehicle is insured for the Blue Book value the entire time it is on the truck. Occurrences not covered are clearly listed on your Shipping Order and on the bill upon which your car is shipped. A condition report is done on pick-up. The person turning the car over and the truck driver both sign this report and a copy is given to the party delivering the car. This same report is presented upon delivery of the vehicle at its destination and you should compare the car to the report thoroughly at that time. If, for some reason, you feel that some damage has occured, you must note it on the report before you sign it and before the driver leaves. Any claims made after this time will not be honored.

Can I pack things in my car?

Any personal belongings left in the vehicle are shipped strictly at the owner's personal risk. The policy is strictly enforced for the following reason:
  • Personal belongings are not covered by the carrier's insurance. The driver will not inventory any such items and will not assume resposibility for them.
  • The added weight can and will cause damage to the exhaust system and this is also not covered by the carrier's insurance.
  • Items not properly packed may fly around the inside of the vehicle and damage its interior. This is not covered by the carrier's insurance.
  • The Department of Transportation does not legally allow for the transport of household goods (personal belongings) in vehicles being transported on auto carriers. They have been known to take vehicles of the truck, unload for inspection and simply leave the goods sittings on the side of the road. All trucks are subject to this. Please remember this when preparing your vehicle for shipment with any carrier.

What happens if I am not there to receive my car when it arrives?

In the event you cannot be reached in a suitable amount of time or you are not in the area, your vehicle will either remain in the truck for a later delivery or the vehicle will be put in storage until such time as you can arrange for it to be picked up. Vehicles put in storage are subject to additional transport charges.

How do I pay for services?

A deposit or prepayment must be received in our office, along with a signed Shipping Order, before your vehicle is scheduled for transport. All payments must be in the form of a Money Order, Cashier's Check or Cash.

Can an auto transport service guarantee any particular day, time or location for the pick-up or delivery of my vehicle?

At AAAC all transports are worked on the routing and schedule of the truck, not on the time frame of any certain vehicle. Every attempt is made to fit the client's time frame and it is for this reason that early booking works best. Each truck is working 8 to 11 cars at all times and they are continually picking up and dropping cars. All transport services are constantly contending with weather conditions, road conditions, traffic conditions, mechanical function and DOT regulation - all issues that could potentially void any guarantee for delivery on a specific date. At AAAC we understand these issues and bring them to you up front. Whatever transport service you choose you must keep these things in mind during all phases of your transport.

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